Follow The Sun Photography was born out of my passion to capture the beauty of the world with my camera, not only to keep photographs of my dear memories forever, but also to spread wanderlust and love for Mother Nature, to (hopefully) everyone who come across my photography.

Except capturing moments while wandering, I also love to capture and eternalize special moments in people’s lives, such as weddings, maternity, the love between sisters and brothers, mothers and fathers, animals and their humans. I also love to get the honor to capture the products and services of companies, to help them to show the world what their business offer.

The name Follow The Sun Photography came naturally as I am in fact following the sun since 2010. Ever since I graduated from the Media Programme, I’ve been on a neverending journey. I follow the sun far away from the cold and dark Arctic winters, to explore different corners of our planet, to learn, to grow, to discover. I usually return to Europe in the Spring time when the sun is back, and since 2017 I am back living in my hometown Överkalix, right where the Arctic Circle crosses Sweden, from Spring to around Christmas time. It has been a journey by it self, to rediscover my roots, to see, with new eyes, my hometown and it’s surrounding municipalities, which I have been blessed to get explore through my work, during these past three years seasonally back home.



I was born in the Arctic in 1991, and grew up loving and riding our amazing horses, making horse magazines and arranging ‘pony-courses’ for younger kids at the age of 6, together with my best friends.

Today I am still a horselover, and also a professional photographer since 2015, a worldtraveller since 2010 (I started as a solo traveller, and since 2014 I’m mostly travelling with Bryan, my soulmate that I met in Australia and continued this life journey with), surfer, yoga practitioner, Reiki healer, coffee lover, vegeterian, animal- and nature lover and crystal- and stone collector.

Aspiring videographer, & supporter in every way


I was born in Italy in 1988, in a town just outside of Milano. I lived there until I felt the desire to travel. The big city life became too much for me and I left my motherland to explore Mother Earth! Since then I’ve been learning how to love, share and appreciate the small things in life in a deeper and more fullfilling way.

I am also a musician and creating videos on the side of my restaurant- and boutique jobs when we are in Sweden.

A film about our life in my beautiful hometown Överkalix. Made by Heart of Lapland 2019