A day for the women of Weligama

One of our very last days in Sri Lanka I had a different kind of afternoon. Our best friend Predji called me just as I was going for a siesta on the beach, and asked if I wanted to come to his daughters school and take some photos. Right now.

A fashion shoot under an umbrella

When the weather queen's not collaborating at all, but your model really is, so you end up creating some magic under an umbrella..

Making magic in another colourful part of town..

The weather had not really been inviting to photograph outdoors for weeks, but on Friday, the day when I was going to shoot for the local Nordlys Design, I woke up to bright sunshine and not a cloud in the sky! When I opened my window I heard birds singing and waterdrops of melting snow dripping from the roof. It felt like the first day of Spring, and that´s a feeling that I didn't have for 6(!) years as I´ve been skipping winter. Well, such an amazing feeling! And it was truly the perfect day to get creative and chase the light with my camera, my love and lots of beautiful clothes!

“..and suddenly you just know.. It is time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings”

I spent last week in bed, terribly sick and fully drained of energy so I really did not get much work done. But today I finally felt back on track, full of creativity and eager to start working on a new project; Fashion and Jewelley photography, of my kind of style; Bohemian. You see, I have realized that by creating beautiful photos of clothes and jewellery that I love, I could possibly get assignments from different brands worldwide. It would be like a dream, giving me the freedom to work from anywhere. I have to admit I do not have a lot of experience of this kind of photography, so I will have to practice hard.