A day in the name of LOVE

On a sunny Saturday in late July, I got the honor to capture the most important day for Fanny and Nils with my camera. A day in the name of love. It was the day that they got married by the sea in Brändön, just outside of Luleå. In between the sea and the forest, with all their loved ones there with them.  We started with a portrait shoot in the nearby forest, at a few different places we had been looking at when we had a meeting a couple of weeks earlier. 

About my portrait photography

I thought I should write here on the blog about my portait photography, as I've never done it before. Honestly I have barely even been marketing portraits that much, as I've had so much other work, but that will change now as it is something I'd like to work even more with! To capture moments that are then preserved forever, it's just incredibly glorified. That an image I take now in the 2010's can make people smile and get filled with nice memories in 50 years, it feels huge.