The brightest night of the year

For a long time I've been wanting to share my photos from that magical night, the 21st of June, and I felt that it was about time now (I gotta get better at this updating-frequently-thing). The night of the summer solstice. When the sun has reached its highest position in the sky, and stops for a moment. Over here in Överkalix where we have the midnight sun,

Summertrips in Northern Europe

Back here on the blog again. It got forgotten during this eventful summer, and then I just have too much content to share I didn't even know how to start! But then I decided to start with sharing some words and photographs from our travels in Europe this summer. Because yes - this summer we managed to travel at least once per month, in at least the northern parts of Europe!

A day for the women of Weligama

One of our very last days in Sri Lanka I had a different kind of afternoon. Our best friend Predji called me just as I was going for a siesta on the beach, and asked if I wanted to come to his daughters school and take some photos. Right now.

From the palmtrees to the pinetrees

About returning home.. Leaving life in one paradise for life in another, different paradise. Going through the transformations of environments..  From walking barefoot in bikini every day to wearing layers of clothes, socks, shoes, gloves and so on.. It's like totally different worlds. From a hot, loud and colorful chaos to total silence and fresh air.

The final comeback of the blog

Wow, it has actually been over a year since I’ve last updated this poor forgotten blog. The simple explanation why is just that I’ve been way too busy to give

Just another day for you and me in paradise

The last two weeks since we came back to the south has just been amazing. Sometimes this place really seems unreal. Like our friend Michael said; “It feels like being

#Road-diaries pt 3: about life on the road, world heritages and war traces in the far north

After more than 3 weeks and over 2000 kilometers on the road with our little scooter ‘Rodeo’, we have now returned to our paradise down south, rich of memories and

#Road-diaries pt 2: about enchanting highlands, like-minded souls, and good and bad vibes

I'll just continue where I left off yesterday ~ after meeting those wild elephants on the road to Ella, we drove through the most spectacular landscapes. Mountains, hills, palm trees and rice-fields. I wish I could've captured that beauty, but it was raining heavily again. Actually the Sri Lankan people notices the climate changes as well.. And they think that there is less foreigners visiting the country this year cause of this. I don't know, but I am quite happy if there is less people, cause some places, like Yala, are really more than crowded enough!

#Road-diaries pt 1: about ancient cave temples and hungry elephants

Wow, two weeks and 600 kilometers on the road with our scooter has passed by so quickly, yet it feels like months ago since we left our paradise in the

To green heaven and back

We were blessed enough to get invited on a real adventure last week! Our dear friend Banda wanted to show us 'his special place', deep inside of the rainforest of the world heritage Sinharaja. I feel so grateful for that, cause we would have never ever found this magical place without him. It is really a place off the beaten track, and we had such a unique experience staying in Bandas' lovely friends' house, like 50 meters below this waterfall, surrounded by tea-plantations.

A lovely day on a motorbike, with a twist of the dark side of tourism

One beautiful day we rented a motorbike to explore around. It was such a lovely and eventfull day, even if our little trip started with the most uncomfortable situation we've ever been in here in Sri Lanka. Just a couple of kilometers from 'our' peaceful little village, we cruised past the traditional fishermen stilts, with men sitting on them for once! We've seen plenty of stilts, but no one has been using them as it is not season to go fishing close to the beach just yet. But now we could finally see them! And that was one magical second! Then some guys came up to us and wanted to charge us for taking photos of the 'fishermen'!

Loving the life we live. Living the life we love.

It is the 22nd of January and we are sitting on our balcony and watching the very first rainfall of the year. Listening to the raindrops hitting the roof with such power.. feeling the smell of wet jungle.. The sky has been blue and clear and the sun has been shining so so bright every single day, but today it was time for the nature to get some fresh water. And perhaps time for us to stay inside for once, which ain't an easy thing to do, when there are so many places to explore, people to meet, photographs to shoot, waves to surf, etc etc.

About bad luck, moonstones, turtles and beaches, and a happy end of the year

Hey you all, I hope you’ve had a beautiful holiday time with your loved ones, and I wish you all a Happy New Year! I’ve taken some holiday time myself,

The warm welcome to Sri Lanka

It almost felt unreal to step out of the airport and walk into that "wall of heat", that one always meet when travelling from cold places to the tropics. I instantly felt the strong smell of smoke from some nearby fire of trash, mixed with the hundreds of incense placed in different parts of the airport and its entrance. Welcome to Asia, baby. We had been desiring to go travelling Costa Rica for years already, but when the time to book the tickets finally came, we both felt an even stronger desire to go to the other side of the world ~ to Sri Lanka! Just typical us, plans never really work out, haha! Our visas was approved within one hour and we booked two oneway-tickets straight away. Damn, I'm so lucky to have found a lover as spontaneous as I am!

Mixed feelings in the middle of nowhere..

My life really takes me to unexpected places, as I am following the flow of the universe with an open mind. Right now I am sitting all by myself in

About Aurora Borealis, Meteor showers and the Moon.. on a white sand beach in the Arctic.

And so my trip came to it’s end. It has gone so quickly, yet it feels like if I’ve been away for months. I guess that’s what happens when you

My little solo work/roadtrip around Northern Norway in words and photographs

There is something happening inside of me when I am travelling. Like if a fire starts to burn. I kind of feel on fire. I feel everything so deeply, I

In the end of the world..

As I promised in yesterday’s post, I will now tell you more about why I am really here, 350 km above the Arctic Circle, because everyone who knows me probably

The bad news is that time flies. The good news is that you are the pilot.

Wow, this last half year really flied by! I guess it is true what they say, time flies when you're having fun.. So, this blog has been on hold for quite some time, and I'll explain why.

La Isla Bonita

Hey happy people, hope you´re all having a great start of the new year! I think I had the best start that I could've had of this new year, with one week of "La Pura Vida" in the sunshine of Gran Canaria, with my love. It was very well needed after those dark and, in so many ways, challenging last months of 2015. Without those days of sunshine, freedom and so much fun I don't think I would have been able to come back to Trondheim after the Christmas holiday with this level of energy and inspiration that I have right now.

How a meditation to attract your soulmate can change your life.

Today it is actually exactly two years ago since mine and Bryans souls connected for the very first time. We could have met before, as we both celebrated New Years Eve 2013 in the eastern suburbs of Sydney, and we probably walked the same streets around the same time, but the universe didn't think it was time for us until the 14th of November 2013. I was living the beautiful Bondi-life, surfing and hanging at the beach most of my time. I was young and wild and free, as always, and I was happily single since the day I was born.

There’s a natural mystic blowing through the air..

Oh my, finally the sun has been shining over Trondheim! That was a while ago. Today was such a magical day. It was sunny and a little bit foggy at the same time, it gave a real natural mystic in my photos. Bryan has been off work for two days and we have had some wonderful days, just crusing and creating photos.

You don´t always have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.

My "socialmedia-timetraveller" told me that I posted this photo exactly two years ago. I remember that night like if it was yesterday, at the same time it feels like years ago. I was lying in my bed at home in Sweden for the very last night before I left Europe for what came to be my biggest and most lifechanging trip so far. I was so excited that I had problem to sleep, so I was looking through my photos from a few months before when I was travelling through South East Asia.

“We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths”

I have been asked to write a book about my travels several times the past years, but I am not quite sure if I'll ever be ready for that big mission.. So I decided that I will try to run a blog to tell some stories and share some photos. When I looked at the calendar one week ago, I realized that it was actually five (!) years ago since I left Sweden and moved across the border to Norway for the first time. I had no idea what an endless adventure I´d just taken the first step into. My plan was to stay in Norway maximum two months, and I was going to "just work, cause what else can you do in Norway anyway? It´s probably grey and cold and boring", yeah that's what my 19 years young ignorant brain thought.