A little special Love -story

Today it is actually exactly two years ago since mine and Bryans souls connected for the very first time. We could have met before, as we both celebrated New Years Eve 2013 in the eastern suburbs of Sydney, and we probably walked the same streets around the same time, but the universe didn’t think it was time for us until the 14th of November 2013.

I was living the beautiful Bondi-life, surfing and hanging at the beach most of my time. I was young and wild and free, as always, and I was happily single since the day I was born. “I definitely don’t want to have a boyfriend, ever!” is what I told my friend Daniel when he asked if I had met someone, a couple of weeks before I met Bryan. He bet my travels would let me cross paths with some guy who would make me change my mind and make me fall in love and I laughed him in the face and bet I would never. Haha. Meanwhile, Bryan was living less than 1 km away from my place.

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