Aurora Borealis over Överkalix (3 different motives)

Poster on high quality satin photo paper

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Northern lights dancing over Överkalix, in the heart of Lapland, Sweden

(printed without logo)


I could only select down to 3 different photographs out of the hundreds I got from this special night up on Brännaberget. I was shooting with 30 seconds shutter speed for hours, so these 3 are taken at different hours during the magical night of the 7th of October 2018, when we all got to admire this miraculous show in the sky above our cozy town.


Therefore you can now choose your own favorite! See the numbers in the left hand corner of the photos, to find the number of your favorite Aurora over Överkalix poster.


Prices (excluding VAT) / Priser (utan moms)


Posters on high quality photo paper

A4 (21×29,7cm) ~ 350kr
30x40cm ~ 500kr
50x70cm ~ 750kr
70x100cm ~ 1000kr


Panorama and Square prints, as both posters and canvases,

in size of choice is also available on request


Let me know your wishes on email

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1- 21×29,7cm (A4), 1- 30x40cm, 1- 50x70cm, 1- 70x100cm, 2- 21×29,7cm (A4), 2- 30x40cm, 2- 50x70cm, 2- 70x100cm, 3- 21×29,7cm, 3- 30x40cm, 3- 50x70cm, 3- 70x100cm


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