My “socialmedia-timetraveller” told me that I posted this photo exactly two years ago. I remember that night like if it was yesterday, at the same time it feels like years ago. I was lying in my bed at home in Sweden for the very last night before I left Europe for what came to be my biggest and most lifechanging trip so far. I was so excited that I had problem to sleep, so I was looking through my photos from a few months before when I was travelling through South East Asia.

I found this one, from a beautiful day in Bali when we climbed through the jungle to find this little river with three waterfalls,  and we just jumped into it from a cliff. I remembered that feeling. Freedom. Complete freedom. I just listened to my heart´s impulse. So I decided to make a big jump out in the world once again and just follow the universe and see where it would take me.

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